Justice For Jennifer

Trial Updates

Dear Friends and Community, We wanted to update you all on the recent developments in the legal pursuit of justice for our beloved daughter, Jennifer Cobb. Today, our civil attorneys filed a lawsuit against Jeremy “Bob” Green and the Bell Family Branch YMCA, operated by Young Men’s Christian Association of Georgia’s Piedmont, Inc. This legal action seeks to hold accountable those responsible for the unimaginable harm inflicted upon Jennifer during her childhood, by her YMCA gymnastics coach. We appreciate your continued support and ask that if you or someone you love was sexually groomed, raped or sexually assaulted by Bob Green or victimized at the Bell Family Branch YMCA and want help, please let us know and we will connect you with our civil attorneys. If you wish to contact them directly, please call or email Kara Phillips, Deitch & Rogers, LLC at 770-394-9000 or kara@victimattorneys.com. Also on this day, the second anniversary of Jennifer’s untimely, devastating death, we invite you all for a memorial gathering to honor Jennifer’s memory. The date, time, and location to be announced soon.

With love and gratitude, Wayne & Susan Cobb

“What is done in the darkness will be brought to light”. Luke 12:3